Cocktail Tables

Possibly latecomers to the furniture party, cocktail tables have been around only for a century or two. Still, they are an essential piece of furniture for the living room. Very versatile, cocktail tables are perfect for placing next to guests when you are entertaining and they are a quirky centrepiece of the living room. Shop now our italian furniture with free shipping

Italian cocktail tables, the striking point of your room

Cocktail tables are not just functional, they are the symbol of Italian culture; one full of social moments from day to night! These occasional tables can be placed next to guests when you are enjoying a cup of coffee, your afternoon tea, or when you are relaxing after a long workday and sipping a glass of prosecco for aperitivo. Far from being only a place where to rest your cup or glass, coffee tables add personality to your home.

They can be a standalone piece or, if you have more than one cocktail table of different heights, they can make a quirky highlight of the room if placed together. Coffee tables have a smaller tabletop and are big enough for two glasses or cups and a small plate, or some books.

Casapitti offers a wide range of cocktail and console tables, from modern to more traditional, square or rectangular, with different designs, materials and heights. Our made-in-Italy coffee tables will be the striking point of your room.

From classic wooden round occasional tables to more contemporary calacatta-tops, there’s something for every style amongst our collection, including porcelain variants, an eco-friendly material elegant and easy to clean. Casapitti side tables reveal sophisticated tidy lines with their design enhanced by precious revolutionary finishes. 

Casapitti combines technical knowledge and practical components of the finest quality. 

Casapitti’s furniture style is a distinct signature, it represents the colours of the Italian landscape and the beauty of the culture. Each of our accent tables is handcrafted, finished with exceptional care by our artisans, conveying tradition and contemporary art to your living room. 

All our artisanal furniture is delivered to your door directly from our factory in Tuscany and with fast couriers and safe shipping, Casapitti brings a piece of Italy to your home.

Furniture inspired by the color palette of the Italian landscape

Casapitti’s goal is to export Italian culture abroad. Our furnishings are custom made in Florence by Italian families of artisans, respecting tradition.
Craftsmanship has been passed on from generation to generation, it has a long history and represents the values and culture of the country that was the cradle of the Renaissance.

The city of Florence and the landscape of Tuscany is the inspiration for the colour palette of our cocktail tables. All our coffee tables are produced with extreme attention to detail; each piece of furniture is a piece of art for your living room.

The Porcelain revolution

Porcelain is a revolutionary material, we use it instead of marble in most of our side tables. 

It comes in different colours and versions and it is produced by Laminam, the largest porcelain industry in the North of Italy.

This innovative material is certified as a non-chemical material, very food-safe and heat-proof. Porcelain is almost like natural stone but easier to clean and take care of, using just soap and water. It is also stain-proof.

This non-marble material is very hygienic because its coat finish is impervious to germs and bacteria. It’s an eco-friendly and cost-effective material, produced on large slabs of 2 meters that we cut in-house and apply to wood, due to their minimum thickness.

Easy care for tables meant to last forever

Casapitti cocktail tables are made to last a long time, thanks to the fine quality of the raw materials. Our aim is to create a piece of furniture that enriches your dining room and that is also easy to take care of, because design and practicality should coexist.

The wooden components of the tables can be easily and quickly dusted with a soft cloth or with wax for a vibrant sparkling. With a few drops of soap diluted in water or a slightly wet sponge, you can wash all the porcelain surfaces (a non-marble material).

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