Italian style. American Comfort.

Casapitti is about made in Italy, handcrafted, top notch, unique home furnishing pieces.

Italian furniture custom made for you. Wisely and sustainably.

Our mission is to bring you the heritage and traditions of our skilled Italian masters. Our pieces of furniture are crafted in Verona, Italy using certified Carb2 strong woods and they are hand painted with water based colors by our artists in Florence, Italy. Because we love our earth as much as you do. Casapitti furniture is destined to last for generations and become more beautiful over time. The variances you may notice are the sign that our artists make everything by hand, and some colors may look different from the photo you saw on our website. It’s the beauty of having a piece of art, unique, like nobody else has!

Dining Room

Living Room




Made in Italy furniture is about passion, artisanship and, above all, quality. When you buy a piece of furniture you want it to last forever, you want your children to have it, to hand down memories. This is also Casapitti belief, creating furniture and memories for a lifetime. Made in Italy represents values and skills; the values of Italian culture and the skills of our craftsmen. It also shows the high quality of materials, which are locally sourced. It brings together historical, cultural and social influences.

Discover all the Casapitti’s finishes, fabrics and porcelains. We can offer hundreds of variations to perfectly fit your house.

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