Made to Last at Milano Design Week

Made to Last

Casapitti, together with Alessandro Bini Tessuti d’Italia, premium producer in the textile industry, is pleased to announce their presence at Milano Design Week with the Made to Last showroom, focused on the quality of craftsmanship, sustainability, and Italian innovation. In collaboration with other partners, including Laminam and Wasbottle by Bencore, along with designer Luigi Trenti, […]

Marco The Woodcarver

We are in Marco’s workshop, who has lived surrounded by wood since he was born and continues running his father’s Francesco workshop. His story has its origins in 1968 when a group of siblings (amongst them Francesco) after finishing school at the cabinet-making school, following an internship in various companies of Verona,  This was a […]

Sustainable Furniture, Made to Last

One of Casapitti’s main goals is to offer quality before design, this is because we are aware that our furniture needs to be made to last. Furniture pieces are passed down from one generation to the next, without compromising the needs of future generations, ensuring a balance between economic growth and environmental care.  To reach […]

Styling a Small Dining Room

Your dining room is usually the space in your home where wonderful meetings happen. Whether it’s a dinner party or an everyday lunch it’s always a good thing that you and your guests feel comfortable and at ease. But what if the space available for the dining room is more restricted? That is certainly not […]

Feng Shui and Its Benefits

Your home should be a place in which you can find balance and relax from a stressful day. It should be your refuge from the outside world. Even though it seems like a simple thing to have, it’s not always easy to achieve. There are many factors, ideas, and philosophies that can influence the result. […]

Matching Your Chairs to The Dining Table

A dining room is an extraordinary place. Magical we dare to say. It’s a place where great things happen. It’s where good news gets announced, special moments are shared and happy memories are created. It’s not only one of the main rooms in your home but a centre stage for different occasions. It’s a place […]

Artist Tommaso Brogini Following Michelangelo’s Footsteps

Florence is a remarkable city. Cradle of the Renaissance and one of Europe’s great art cities. Like other places in Italy, Florence has been the home of innumerable artists and artisans that have produced extraordinary pieces, from paintings, sculptures, furniture pieces, and architecture to typical dishes. Historically, Florence has also hosted many artisan work-shops, called […]

Casapitti’s Love for Design

At Casapitti we love to follow and observe design and architecture events around the world. As you may know, New York City is one of the world’s capitals of design. Its history, diversity, and liveness make it the perfect spot to gather talented designers and their products from all over the world.  From May 10th […]

Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Home

Light is essential for all beings. That magnificent electromagnetic radiation can be detected by the human eye. Light is not a concept to explain simply, it varies depending on the context it is experienced and perceived. It transports information and reveals realities. Light is a primary instrument and a life source also for plants. This […]

Aperitivo: an All-Italian Tradition

As Italians, we love our traditions. Over many years some of them have become actual rituals. There are so many of them that it’s easy to lose count. But a really fun and relaxing one, carved into Italian culture is Aperitivo. Now, this is not a new custom, it is believed that aperitivo goes back […]

A Glance Into Color Theory

Color in an environment is everything. Whether you’re thinking about strong colors or neutrals these have the power to influence things like space, aesthetics, and even your mood. It has been the subject of numerous studies and theories. Basic color theory has several definitions, concepts, and ways to apply it in design, the amount of […]

Opera Was Born in Florence

Without a doubt Florence is an extraordinarily beautiful city. Cradle of the Renaissance and one of Europe’s great Art cities, Florence is also well known for its breathtaking landscapes, exquisite cuisine and rich History. Even though it is famous for so many things, not so many people know that it is also the birthplace of […]

Inspiration from Renaissance’s Court Theatre

It all started with a celebration, like most things in Italy do. When the Great Duke Cosimo of Medici married Eleonora of Toledo in 1539, in Florence’s Palazzo Medici Riccardi. The palace’s main courtyard-garden was adapted into a theatre of such grandeur and glamour that it became a trend during that time. The outdoor court […]

Tagliatelle al Ragù: The Gods Food

Without a doubt one of the gods’ foods is Pasta al Ragù or better yet, Tagliatelle al Ragù. Golden flat strings that dance in rich meat sauce. Some people know this delicious sauce as Bolognese but in Italy we call it Ragù, with its many variations that come from North to South (every family or […]

On Mid-Century Design

Chairs are an everyday object, some are comfortable to relax, some are ergonomically designed to give you a good posture and comfort while working, some others are simply a work of Art, studied, designed and projected to be not only aesthetically interesting but also functional. Some other chairs’ designs are groundbreaking and eventually become a […]

Our Porcelain Top embraces Chianti Wine

After a long day isn’t it marvellous to relax with some music and a glass of wine? Especially if we’re talking about a glass of Italian wine, like a Chianti, with its bright ruby colour, medium-bodied, highly acidic, tartly-juicy. It is simply magic in a glass of wine that transports you to the Tuscan Hills […]

The Revolution of The Porcelain Material

Casapitti’s mission is to bring into your home our Italian artistic heritage and expert craftsmanship. Beautiful and functional Made in Italy furniture by skilled artisans using certified materials. As you might know, each Casapitti furniture piece is destined to last for generations and become more beautiful over time. Our artisans craft every item by hand. […]

Taking Care of Your Furniture

Each Casapitti furniture piece is destined to last for generations and become more beautiful over time. We use high quality wood when we manufacture each one of our beautiful pieces, all made in Italy, but still even the highest quality wood is vulnerable to scratches or marks if not properly cared for. There are a […]

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