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Made in Italy

Made in Italy is a concept that finds its foundation in our collective imagination.

When we read these words printed on a label or packaging of products we purchase, they have a deep meaning: they really represent Italy as a country and culture, our minds immediately formulate something positive. It’s a title of a story, the story of families who have traditions, of people who work with love and passion, of creativity, of opportunities. The products Made in Italy tell us ‘I made this for you’, ‘You can trust me’, ‘I was made with care and love’.

Made in Italy technically means that each product is planned, manufactured and packed in Italy. Only those who 100% follow these stipulations can be labelled Made in Italy. Made in Italy means excellent raw materials, craftsmanship and know-how.

Made in Italy furniture is about passion, artisanship and, above all, quality. When you buy a piece of furniture you want it to last forever, you want your children to have it, to hand down memories. This is also Casapitti belief, creating furniture and memories for a lifetime. Made in Italy represents values and skills; the values of Italian culture and the skills of our craftsmen. It also shows the high quality of materials, which are locally sourced.  It brings together historical, cultural and social influences.

Casapitti fully represents and embraces the Made in Italy philosophy. Behind the production of Casapitti furniture there is a lot of research about Italian tradition, techniques, history, landscape, and culture.We choose to manufacture our furniture in areas of Italy that traditionally represent the highest quality for that piece. For example, our chairs are produced in Udine, a city in the North of Italy renowned as the headquarters of chairs.

Casapitti signatures are the finishings of furniture. We take inspiration from what surrounds us, the majesty of the Tuscan region and its historical capital. Our artisans reproduce, with hundreds of layers, the colours of the landscape and of details that will recall the plaster and stucco of the walls of Florence, and never-ending manufacturing hours that led to a perfect result. Our craftsmen work with excellent attention to detail, they are completely devoted to their work. 

Our team of artisans is part of our identity and they can accommodate all your requests, because your needs come first and they will transform your designs into a canvas, a unique work of art, bringing a piece of Italy into your home.

Our goal is to offer quality before design because our furniture needs to be made to last forever, to accompany you all over your life and over. It needs to be functional and convenient, not only beautifully designed. Casapitti Made in Italy furniture is made with innovative materials combined with the latest industrial techniques, making high-end tables, chairs and cabinets that will create the perfect aura in your home.

Our furniture is a work of art that should be part of your family and passed down through your children with pride.