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A round table with a sturdy FCS wood base and a customizable top made of a rotating tray where you can put olive oil and wine bottles or to assist guests serving food. Small version can sit up to 4 people, larger version sits up to 8 people. Painted with water based finishes


The content is increasingly more important than the container. It doesn’t matter what the volume of the objects is, but their specific identity and the importance they have in our memory and daily life. For this reason, Casapitti Explode appears as an imaginary volume whose faces float in the air, almost as if it were the axonometric representation of an exploded object. The distance between the surfaces creates a comfortable space to open the doors without using handles. It is accessible on four sides, frontally for bulkier objects such as dishes and glasses, on the top for storing tablecloths and cutlery, and laterally for bottles. Casapitti Explode is designed to be modular, to create compositions from a minimum of two elements up to the limit imposed by imagination or the size of the wall where it is placed. There is also a double-faced version available, designed to create a containment divider between the living room and the lounge.

Explode is a modular sideboard that gives the illusion of suspension. It has front doors, side doors and it also opens on the upper part where you can store your housewares. Front doors are square 65 x 65 cm. The height is 75cm, the depth 50cm. Length may vary because it can be build with 2, 3, 4 or more modules. The doors can be customized with porcelain, recycled plastic or engraved with your image on wood. It is made with mdf wood and painted with water based finishes.

Pazol & Matrix

Pazol and Matrix are two type of walls/boiserie designed by Luigi Trenti and crafted by Italian artisans and emboding the playful concept of a puzzle while being completely customizable to be the centerpiece of your home. Made in Italy. The structure is made of FSC-certified wood polished with water-based varnish and covered with panels fully customizable.

The Pazol and Matrix boiseries, have a wooden structure and the tiles can be realized in the following materials:

Our boiseries Pazol, Tetris and Matrix is an happy combination of Casapitti’s expert woodworking and the application of sound-absorbing panels covered in recycled fabrics from Alessandro Bini. Boiserie has always been a furnishing solution that adds a touch of elegance and refinement to any environment, but here Casapitti has taken it a step further.

Dynamically positioned at various distances from the wall within wooden frames, the panels acquire new functionalities, ranging from creating curious artistic compositions to simultaneously serving as sound-absorbing elements and extensions for dining or meeting tables.

They can also be made simply of various essences of wood and lacquered, using eco-sustainable materials, or by applying mirrors or LED panels. I

In addition to the three exhibited versions, Casapitti’s boiserie can be composed and assembled in countless other ways, even following the instructions of interior designers and architects, based on custom designs.


Nine panels covered in soft velvet by Alessandro Bini make up Casapitti Pazol, an installation with generous dimensions designed to furnish a wall by adding a playful and lively tone. The panels, equipped with wooden frames, are dynamically positioned at various distances from the wall, also creating a pleasant sound-absorbing effect. Upon request, it is possible to create Casapitti Pazol with a greater number of panels, creating compositions with rectangular and circular shapes, using various types of materials and fabrics.


Twenty-five panels make up a square matrix, used in this case to display an equal number of fabrics from the Alessandro Bini sample book. The panels are dynamically positioned at various distances from the wall, thus increasing the sound-absorbing effect. Upon request, it is possible to create Casapitti Matrix by creating compositions with free or rectangular shapes, using various types of materials and fabrics.

Boiseries Ideas


A made to order, incredibly versatile, extendable table with iron base and fsc wood top. Casapitti introduces a new concept of extendable table, avoiding complex operating mechanisms and on-board extensions, making them a protagonist element of their domestic space. Casapitti Tavoloso! can be extended in four different ways, two in length and two in width, obtaining a perfectly square table, enjoyable both for lunches and dinners, and in a working environment as a large meeting table. It is sufficient to rotate the appropriate supports and position the snap-on extensions to obtain the desired extension. The extensions can be stored where desired, hung on the wall to create a Casapitti Boiserie with sound-absorbing function if covered with fabric, or can be placed on the Casapitti Separé. Upon request, the extensions can be made using various types of materials and fabrics. Tavoloso! not extended is offered in 160x80cm and 200x100cm versions.



This elegant chair has an iron frame and a soft upholstery.


Outdoor iron frame with soft cushion and soft colored100% cotton upholstery.


This elegant chair has a wooden frame and a soft upholstery.

Luigi Trenti

Luigi Trenti was born in Florence in 1965. He graduated in industrial design from the Faculty of Architecture and since 1992, he has been involved in product design across various sectors, from lighting to furniture, from plumbing fixtures to household items, as well as luxury tools and accessories, for Italian and foreign clients. His products have won design awards and, in some cases, have become true trendsetters. In 2006, he founded the Tuscan delegation of the ADI, serving as its President, and the Territorial Observatory for Design, taking on the role of Coordinator. In 2013, he conceived and founded MuDeTo, the first online design museum, of which he is currently the President. He has been engaged in university teaching for over a decade, teaching courses at renowned design schools such as ISIA, IED, and LABA.

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