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Our Story

Casapitti is a story of a dream

The dream of bringing the quality of Italian furniture at a very affordable price, with no middlemen involved, we are able to bring this dream, a piece of Italy to the comfort of your home!

Our story started with the passion for Italian craftsmanship paired with a long experience in New York City with the motto that if you want to achieve something you have to believe in it and work stubbornly until you reach out to it!

We noticed that there is a gap between the high quality hand crafted goods and the high end luxury furniture companies, the quality of those products went down and the products did not meet the standard like they used to be, where many Italian brands do not produce in Italy anymore. Casapitti offers something different than this. Our goal is to bring back the past and tradition of “arti and mestieri” from Florence, an ancient corporation that was responsible to protect and finance the small shops of Florence, who throughout the centuries for the economic development of the City of Florence made it now one of the richest towns of the world.

We embarked on a trip, selecting the best furniture makers throughout Verona, Udine and finishing them in Florence. The city that lives and breathes the art of making furniture. Each of their families has been doing the same job for generations making quality their top priority. They now can communicate with their consumers, their people. Casapitti is just there for you to make sure everything goes smoothly!

The privilege of working with these families of artisans has been our biggest success. Without them, we would not have access to this secret world of furniture artistry. We represent them and share their stories with all the beloved Casapitti clients.