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The Craftsmen's Tales

This is Casapitti’s blog. Find here all the news from the made in Italy furniture world.

Introducing Casapitti’s Imaginary Hotel

Elevating the Hospitality Space with Casapitti In the world of luxury hotels and shops, the importance of well crafted, carefully selected high end furniture cannot

Made to Last

Made to Last at Milano Design Week

Casapitti, together with Alessandro Bini Tessuti d’Italia, premium producer in the textile industry, is pleased to announce their presence at Milano Design Week with the

Marco The Woodcarver

We are in Marco’s workshop, who has lived surrounded by wood since he was born and continues running his father’s Francesco workshop. His story has

Sustainable Furniture, Made to Last

One of Casapitti’s main goals is to offer quality before design, this is because we are aware that our furniture needs to be made to

Styling a Small Dining Room

Your dining room is usually the space in your home where wonderful meetings happen. Whether it’s a dinner party or an everyday lunch it’s always

Feng Shui and Its Benefits

Your home should be a place in which you can find balance and relax from a stressful day. It should be your refuge from the

Casapitti’s Love for Design

At Casapitti we love to follow and observe design and architecture events around the world. As you may know, New York City is one of

Aperitivo: an All-Italian Tradition

As Italians, we love our traditions. Over many years some of them have become actual rituals. There are so many of them that it’s easy

A Glance Into Color Theory

Color in an environment is everything. Whether you’re thinking about strong colors or neutrals these have the power to influence things like space, aesthetics, and

Opera Was Born in Florence

Without a doubt Florence is an extraordinarily beautiful city. Cradle of the Renaissance and one of Europe’s great Art cities, Florence is also well known

Tamara Valkama. Painter

We recently visited Tamara’s great workshop in Florence, to shoot some of our made in Italy chairs and ottomans. We were very curious not only

Tagliatelle al Ragù: The Gods Food

Without a doubt one of the gods’ foods is Pasta al Ragù or better yet, Tagliatelle al Ragù. Golden flat strings that dance in rich

On Mid-Century Design

Chairs are an everyday object, some are comfortable to relax, some are ergonomically designed to give you a good posture and comfort while working, some

Caring For Your Upholstery

So you’ve picked the perfect chair that matches your dining room or living room beautifully and its upholstery complements it in the perfect way. As

Tafakumi Mochizuki. Inlayer

Zouganista di Tafakumi Mochizuki is both an artisan and artist from Tokyo, Japan but he is currently living and working in Florence. His work inspired