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Discovering chairs.The way we sit says a lot about us

The way we sit and what we decide to sit on, says a lot about us: our culture, our values, our habits.

Back in history, the first chair we know about was found in the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea, probably from the 2,800-2,700 B.C: it’s a sculpture that depicts a musician playing a harp while sitting on something that could be a kitchen chair, with four legs and a straight back.

Sitting has always been a matter of status. Since the Egyptian times everyone sat on stools or on the ground, while chairs with backs or armchairs were for the elite. Only rich people could afford proper furniture, the others sat on whatever they could, be it a bench, a barrel or the ground.

So chairs have a very rich 5,000 year history but the interesting thing is that they are as useful as they were at that time: while a phone changes every year, a chair has the same purpose that it had in the past. It’s functional and ornamental at the same time.

Casapitti specializes in the production of modern chairs with a beautiful Italian style and we offer a catalogue of perfect models to furnish every room of your home. Our dining chairs and armchairs can be combined with modern tables of any shape and design.

Casapitti brings together exquisite craftsmanship and functional design of the finest quality. With their comfortable upholstered seats, ergonomic and pleasant backrest, Casapitti dining chairs are ideal seats to indulge in a Sunday family lunch or a fun dinner with friends. Our collection of classic Accent chairs and modern design can embellish the flair of your living room, creating a cosy background without renouncing style.

Casapitti, with its custom-made furnishings, stands out for the unique made-in-Italy chairs inspired by Italian Classic cinema and by the beauty of the Italian landscape with its one-of-a-kind colour palette. Our Italian chairs have exclusive details that you won’t find anywhere else; they will bring a touch of Italy in your living room.

Casapitti chairs are made in Italy by artisanal families who passed down their unique know-how from generation to generation. It’s a work of art finished with exceptional care as an artist would for their own piece. The colours of the Italian palette are layered hundreds of times on our furniture, making our chairs art at your disposal in your everyday life.