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Dining Room

Welcome to our dining room! Discover our elegant Made in Italy dining tables and stylish yet comfortable dining chairs. Choose the style that fits you perfectly, ideal for any occasion!

Discover our extendable tables that squeeze in a few extra guests during Sunday dinners and our stain-proof porcelain tops where you can spill olive oil, or place a hot pan without a worry; Italian cooking is an art that doesn’t like borders, the chef of the house needs to feel free to mess around without any worry! Lean back on our super soft hand-upholstered dining chairs while enjoying your lunch or a glass of wine.

All our dining products are crafted and hand painted in Italy by our crew of beloved artisans that have the Tuscan landscape as reference and inspiration: layers upon layers that can recreate the color palette of the Italian natural scene.

While searching for made in Italy furniture for your dining room, don’t forget your personal style and daily habits: our aesthetic features will be charming to you and the characteristics will serve you perfectly. Casapitti dining tables and chairs will bring you the comfort and luxury you are looking for. Long-lasting materials will make all the difference when you will plan the design of your dining room. 

According to Italian culture, the table is the King of the house: a piece of furniture you will see and be around daily. It deserves the main space of the dining-room and the admiration of guests. Casapitti’s catalogue offers you modernity and variety.

If you are looking for a chair with history and quality, Casapitti has something for every preference; our curated catalogue of dining chairs will provide the best ideas for your room. 

Casapitti’s collection combines luxury,  style and comfort. It is Italian craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail and safe delivery to your door. The right chair for your dining room should be in harmony with the environment in which it will be placed. Shapes, materials and finishing fabrics should marry your needs.

Casapitti stands for high quality, every single piece of furniture you buy from us is a piece of art. Casapitti was born from the minds of people passionate about design and Made in Italy- a team of creators that will turn your dream house into reality.

Together, let’s create the space that represents you, make yourself comfortable and “buon appetito”.