Before I purchase something, how do I know if a product is available in stock or how long will it take to get it?

The website has updated information on products availability and/or their delivery time to our warehouse

I have purchased and want to know when will the product be delivered

Please ask  info@casapitti.com for updated information regarding the delivery of the purchased products. Normally we are able to deliver in 44 days maximum from the date the order has been confirmed.

I just received an order but I want to return it because it looks different

Please promptly send an email to info@casapitti.com within 14 days from the date of receiving the merchandise. Please remember that finishes are mostly handmade and that they have variations, even a different light in a room can make a color look slightly different. We do not accept returns after 14 days the merchandise was received .

I just placed an order but I have changed my mind.

You have a max of 14 days from the day you have placed the order to cool off and cancel it. We absolutely do not accept cancellations after 14 days from the date we received your order.

Where can i find technical information on your products?

You can find technical information on our website, just look for the technical sheet of the product you are interested in.
If you cannot find them, please drop us a line at info@casapitti.com

how do i take care of products with fabric?

Products with fabric covers with or without indication of stain-resistant treatment.

Some stains on the Linen Flax and the velvets should be promptly cleaned with a sponge with mild soap and water but the positive result is not guaranteed.

The Rollo is a stain proof coated fabric and cleaning is safe and easy: quickly wash off the spill with some water or wipe the fabric with a damp cloth using rapid and gentle strokes

– Strictly avoid using ethyl alcohol or detergents containing acetone, trichlorethylene, ammonia and other solvents, even in small quantities. Do not use abrasive substances.

– Do not rub, do not insist.

how do I take care of wooden products?

  1. A few tips for wooden products maintenance.

    – Avoid accidental impacts with hard objects.

    – In case of accidental spills and/or stains on wooden tops, act quickly by blotting the surface with a clean dry cloth or absorbent paper.

    – Keep the product away from the heat.

    – Make sure that the elements touching the floor are kept away from damp.

    – Avoid any contact with chemical substances commonly used for floor cleaning.

    Cleaning instructions for wooden products.

    – Clean regularly your wooden products using a damp cloth with a solution made of water and a limited quantity of mild soap or use specific detergents for wood. Repeat the treatment if necessary and absorb any excess liquid with a dry cloth or absorbent paper after each cleaning operation.

    – Do not use abrasive substances. 

– Remove all chairs when you mop the floor.

how do i take care of porcelain surfaces?

– Try to prevent accidental breakages: avoid impacts with heavy hard and sharp objects.

Porcelain is heat and stain proof and generally a lot more stronger than marble.

– If the porcelain surface is cracked or chipped, have it replaced.

– Scratch prevention. Glossy porcelain can be scratched so not drag objects across the surface, but carefully lift them.

  Cleaning instructions for porcelain tops

– It is extremely easy to clean porcelain surfaces, the material is waterproof, doesn’t absorb liquids and it is completely hygienic.

– For regular cleaning, you can use any detergent suitable for porcelain surfaces or the soap you normally use in the kitchen.

– Do not use washing powders or any other abrasive substance because they may scratch the top.

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