Living Room

Whether you're after a traditional style side table, a french looking bistro table or a large and small sideboard to store your beloved items, you are in the right place.

Casapitti’s collection of modern and traditional accents for your living room includes different styles and shapes of furniture, from square to round side tables to multi-purpose items that are ready to come home with you! Do not miss our comfortable armchairs, because beauty is not everything! Quality, stunning design, comfort combined with Made in Italy are always our top priorities!

Your living room is where you will welcome your family, your beloved friends, where the most important gatherings of your life will happen, where you will create unforgettable memories, and where you will relax after a long day at work. It can be a quiet room full of books, it can be the hub of the family, or it can be both! It has to be elegant, comfortable and welcoming. And if you are a family with children or pets, your living room should be a safe space with a long lasting piece of furniture.

Creating a living room can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! It should be a mix of natural style and comfort.

Casapitti’s catalogue offers essential design, classic pieces of furniture and comfort. Each piece of furniture in your living room will strongly cohere with the environment and will represent your personal style. The highest quality fabrics and beautiful finishes will make your living room even more unique.
To store your precious items and memories add one of our sideboards, which with their different styles and materials will complete and add personality to your living room. They will be both decorative and functional. Keeping everything in one place will give your living a contemporary look!

Customise your living room with Casapitti furniture, made with passion and high quality materials that will last forever. Browse our catalogue and choose the piece of furniture that best represents you, you will turn your home into art.

Casapitti artisans fully represent Italian culture: hard work, heritage, elegance. Each piece from our catalogue stands for Made in Italy: from the materials to the design, from the finishings to customer care. We work with passion and respect for our traditions. We want to deliver a piece of Italy to your living room.

The living room is the heart of your home, after the kitchen, let’s make it exceptional together!

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