Matching Your Chairs to The Dining Table

A dining room is an extraordinary place. Magical we dare to say. It’s a place where great things happen. It’s where good news gets announced, special moments are shared and happy memories are created. It’s not only one of the main rooms in your home but a centre stage for different occasions. It’s a place to feel comfortable and cosy while enjoying a meal and good company, whether it’s family, friends, or acquaintances becoming friends. At Casapitti we understand the importance of spending quality time with your dear ones in a place that simply makes you happy. It’s also about the aesthetic and how it makes you feel. Sometimes you find the perfect dining table but feel confused about what chairs match perfectly with it. Or vice versa. We decided to share some simple tips and ideas on how to make your dining room the perfect place for your happy gatherings.

Flavio and Gioia in driftwood finish.

Start with the dining table

Think of the type of style you’re interested in, based on the space you have. Choose a table that suits the measurements of your dining room. It’s important not to overwhelm the room with a visually heavy piece, a table that takes too much space. 

Think of a timeless piece. Something that will still look great if you change the colour of the room or your house decoration. 

Now that you’ve chosen the table, it’s time to find the perfect pieces to sit around it. 

Style Matters

Your chairs should look good on your table. They don’t necessarily have to be the same, otherwise, they might look too matchy-matchy. Think of compatibility and elements they might have in common, like the style period, the type of finish, or the level of formality. You can also think of an element that binds them together, like the legs or a small detail. Contrast is also a good way to go, choosing chairs that bring out the characteristics of the table. 

Take as an example our beautiful dining table Paoletto and Giulia. Paoletto’s driftwood finish and its beautiful stain-free porcelain top, add Giulia’s classic Italian style: elegant and polished, also in driftwood finish. The proportions work perfectly and harmoniously, with enough space and comfort. Visually perfect together, a match made in heaven!

Paoletto and Giulia

Height Proportions

To find the best balance between your table and the chairs, they must be compatible in terms of proportions. Most dining tables range from 70 to 80 cm in height, while most dining chairs range from 40 to 55 cm in height. Therefore the distance between the tabletop and the chair should be from 25 to 35cm for the person who’s sitting to feel comfortable. You should also take into account the thickness of the tabletop when taking the measurements. 

Depth and Width Proportions

Your chairs should be able to fit under the table. This ensures that the diners feel comfortable. Also, the chairs should have enough space when they slide under the table to avoid bumping into the table, whether it has legs or a pedestal. 

The same thing applies to the space between the chairs, as there should be enough space among them to avoid damaging them if the space is too narrow. 

You must also take into consideration if the chairs have arms of any type. These should also have enough space to be placed around the table without giving the feeling of being too crowded, but mainly that people sitting around can take out their char easily, without getting stuck. 

Matching Height

Something else to keep in mind is the difference between the chair height and the table height. The back of the chairs should be taller than the top of the table, otherwise, the visual effect could be odd. 

Now you can adventure yourself in the dining table and chairs universe, choosing the best pieces to host unforgettable reunions!

Giulia in driftwood finish and Tullio: beautiful contrast


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