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Made to Last at Milano Design Week

Made to Last

Casapitti, together with Alessandro Bini Tessuti d’Italia, premium producer in the textile industry, is pleased to announce their presence at Milano Design Week with the Made to Last showroom, focused on the quality of craftsmanship, sustainability, and Italian innovation.

In collaboration with other partners, including Laminam and Wasbottle by Bencore, along with designer Luigi Trenti, the Made to Last project aims to revitalize traditional Italian craftsmanship and offer sustainable and high-quality products meant to last over time.

Furniture is not something that gets renewed every month or even once a year: as part of the home decor, it is destined to stay much longer, for example, than a simple item of clothing. Choosing a high-quality artisanal piece, which is often better aesthetically, is a guarantee of a durable product. Choosing artisanal furniture also means reducing resource consumption, as the product will last much longer than a lower quality one. The durability of Italian artisanal products fits into the culture of no waste, reducing the material waste and the environmental impact.

During MDW 2023, Casapitti, led by designer Luigi Trenti, in collaboration with the ISIA Design Institute in Florence and with the patronage of the municipality of Florence, will identify and will present three projects that embody the values of Made to Last: high-quality craftsmanship, customization, sustainability, innovation, and tradition.

The competition is open to first-year students in the product design master course at ISIA, who will develop three projects: a dining chair, a dining table, and a lounge armchair. The projects were designed using sustainable materials such as 100% recycled Wasbottle by Bencore plastic, FSC-certified wood, and water-based finishes by Casapitti, 100% recycled fabrics by Alessandro Bini Tessuti d’Italia, and recycled porcelain stoneware surfaces by Laminam.

The theme of the “Made to Last” contest represents a real challenge for the first-year master students at ISIA in Florence, who will be called upon to develop innovative ideas for the creation of designed, sustainable furniture. The goal is to stimulate the creativity of the participants, encouraging the development of solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

The contest aims to stimulate young talents to develop eco-sustainable furniture by involving our companies and investing in the future protagonists of the necessary change for our planet. In March 2023, the winners will be selected and will have the opportunity to exhibit a mini 3D model with a label for the entire duration of the MDW.

Made to Last

Come discover the new Made to Last furniture collection at our showroom in Via Solferino 37 in Milan from April 17 to 23 during Milano Design Week 2023.

On April 17, starting at 6:00 pm, a press-only opening event will be held to celebrate the best of Italian craftsmanship, sustainability, circularity and innovation, revealing the new collection together with a sustainable aperitif made with Amaro Lucano liqueurs and the bartenders from Officine Sbiellate in Milan.

The award ceremony will be held on April 20 at 6:00 pm at the Made to Last showroom in Milan with exciting prizes for the best students, with organic finger food and Tuscan wines from the San Michele a Torri Tuscan farm.

Made to Last is part of the dialogue on the themes of Fuorisalone 2023: designing change for a sustainable future and building new alternative ideas.

The need to search for new circular solutions is a central theme in today’s design field. It is essential to think and find the right approach towards the environment and our planet, to move in the right direction and build a balance destined to last over time: the future is now.

Undoubtedly, the sensitivity of the new generations regarding sustainability and circularity is much higher than it was at the beginning of the new millennium, and the freshness of their minds allows for the development of ideas and the proposal of certainly different, innovative solutions.

And it is precisely with this innovative contribution of young talents and through the support of traditional craftsmanship that the Made to Last project enters a leading position in the furniture industry, blending Tuscan and Florentine traditional genius with the latest sustainable products.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the combination of Italian craftsmanship and environmental sustainability at our showroom.

We’re waiting for you in Milan from April 17 to 23!


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