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Accent Chairs

After a busy day, you only dream about a place where you can relax: our accent chairs are the refuge where you can forget about the routine. Our made-in-Italy armchairs, with their elegant design and comfort, represent the Italian Dolce Vita lifestyle where everyone seeks out and enjoys relaxation, entertainment and fashion.

Italian Accent Chairs, an escape from the everyday chaos

For centuries Accent chairs have been used both practically and ornamentally. When you choose an armchair, it needs to have the right purpose. Accent chairs are also called armchairs and they are single-seat chairs: they are usually an addition to the living room.
The living room is the place where Italian families gather, discuss the day and enjoy a relaxing coffee. Nowadays it could also be the home office of a remote worker. Living room chairs represent both an escape from the everyday chaos and a comfortable seat of an office-friendly environment. 

Accent chairs are the core of the living room, not only a place to sit, they create a striking centre of attention in the room.

Our collection of classic Accent chairs and modern design can embellish the flair of your living room, creating a cosy background without renouncing style.

Casapitti, with its custom-made furnishings, stands out for the unique made-in-Italy armchairs inspired by classic cult movies of Italian culture like The Leopard by Luchino Visconti and by the bloom of the Italian landscape with its one-of-a-kind colour palette. Our Italian armchairs have exclusive details that you won’t find anywhere else; they will bring a touch of Italy in your living room.

All our high-quality fabrics are produced by Italian and U.S. mills and are functional and easy to wash. Our 100% linen is made in Florence while polyester and velvets are internationally sourced. These long-lasting materials create a custom-made piece of furniture that you will love for years.

Chats with friends and family is that cherished moment after a busy workday. Our Accent chairs will offer you the most pleasant seat and will create that relief you deserve, while providing the perfect backdrop for your social gathering. 

Delivered to your door from Tuscany, Casapitti uses fast couriers and safe shipping to bring a piece of artisanal furniture and of Italy to your home.

Design influenced by the Italian Renaissance

In Italy, craftsmanship has a long history and Tuscany was the heart of the Italian Renaissance, making it a region full of stunning beauty and elegance. Professions were passed on from generation to generation, creating an enduring heritage that can be found in our artisanal furniture.
Our artisans are truly artists that conceive hundreds of different colours with a multistep process done by hand. A piece of handmade furniture becomes a canvas, a rare work of art where you can distinguish the beauty of the Italian countryside and arts. Casapitti armchairs are an outstanding product that will make you feel like you are in a living room of Florence or Rome.

Comfy fabrics with a touch of luxury and elegance

Our fabrics are made in Italy and in the U.S. Our high-quality 100% linen comes from Florence, Tuscany, while the polyester and velvets are imported. The Inside Out Snow is a long-lasting fabric that is very resistant. Casapitti Linen flax, 100% linen, is our bestselling fabric and stands out for its comfy texture, perfectly matching any kind of finish; a classic pick that is still unique. The velvets of the armchairs add a touch of luxury and elegance to the living room. We can also offer a stain-proof fabric, ensuring the practicality and comfort of a family where there could be children and pets.

Easy care for italian accent chairs meant to last forever

Thanks to the high quality of the raw materials and fabrics, Casapitti Accent chairs are made to last for years and generations. Our aim is to provide an armchair that stands out in your living room where design and practicality can coexist. Casapitti armchairs are easy to take care of: the wooden components of the chairs can be quickly dusted with a soft cloth or with wax for a vibrant sparkling. We can also provide stain-proof fabrics that are washable with a few drops of soap diluted in water or a slightly wet sponge