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Dining Chairs

Lingering at the dining table is as much a part of Italian culture as the food itself. Italians like to take things slowly, especially things as important as eating. Our custom artisanal dining chairs, with their elegant design and amenity, represent the Italian lifestyle where hospitality and comfort come first.

Italian Dining Chairs creating an outstanding gathering experience

Family and food are two of the most complementary pillars of Italian culture: the most important conversations always happen around a table set with delicious dishes and wine. The dining room and the kitchen are the heart of every house: they should be welcoming and cozy.

Often considered basic pieces of furniture, chairs have been used since antiquity: at the beginning, they were a symbol of status, then they became an article of everyday use.

Our collection of both Classic design dining chairs and contemporary models can perfectly match the style of the surrounding spaces of your house; paired with the dining table, they create an outstanding and comfortable experience without compromising aesthetics.

Casapitti stands out for its Italian furniture style, which takes inspiration from both the distinguished colours of Florence, where the Italian Renaissance began, and the resonant landscape of Tuscany.

Our dining chairs are made in Italy by artisanal families who passed down their unique know-how from generation to generation. They work with passion, finishing each detail with exceptional care as an artist would do for their own piece of art.

All the high-quality fabrics are produced by Italian and U.S. mills, and are functional and easy to wash. We offer 100% linen made in Florence, and polyester and velvets internationally sourced. All the materials are long-lasting, creating a custom-made piece of furniture that you will love for years. 

Casapitti brings together exquisite craftsmanship and practical design of the highest quality. With their comfortable upholstered seats, ergonomic and pleasant backrest, Casapitti dining chairs are the ideal seats to indulge in a Sunday family lunch or a vibrant dinner with friends.  

All our furniture is delivered to your door from Tuscany; with fast couriers and safe shipping, Casapitti brings Italy to your home.

Design influenced by the Italian craftsmanship

In Italy, craftsmanship represents a story made of tradition and professions passed on from generation to generation; an act that includes and speaks of the values and heritage of the country. 

The core aim of Casapitti is to export the custom Italian artisanal culture produced in Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance.

Our local artisans’ work is continuously inspired by the typical colour palette of Florence. They finish each piece of furniture with a detailed approach, applying many layers of paint to reproduce the astonishing beauty of the Italian landscape, depicted by our finishes (Cortina, Grey Oak, Dove, Driftwood).

High-quality fabrics, comfortable and elegant

Casapitti high-quality fabrics are made in Italy and in the U.S. Our 100% linen is produced in Tuscany, near Florence, while the polyester and velvets are internationally sourced. The Inside Out Snow is a stain proof long-lasting fabric. Our Linen flax is 100% linen and is our bestselling fabric with its soft texture, perfectly matching most types of finishes; a classic choice that is never boring. The velvets add a touch of luxury and elegance to the armchairs. Most of our fabrics are washable, ensuring the practicality and comfort of a family where there could be children and pets.

Easy care for italian dining chairs meant to last forever

Casapitti dining chairs are made to last for years and generations thanks to the high quality of the raw materials and fabrics. Our goal is to offer a piece of furniture that stands out in your dining room but that is also easy to take care of, because we believe that design and practicality can coexist. 

The wooden components of the chairs can be easily and quickly dusted with a soft cloth or with wax for a vibrant sparkling. Most of the fabrics (except the Italian linen flax) are washable with a few drops of soap diluted in water or a slightly wet sponge.