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Dining Tables

Casapitti dining tables are not only functional, but designed using innovative materials and exceptional attention to detail. The dining table is the King of the house, it represents everything that is important in Italian culture: around it, all the most relevant discussions and gatherings happen. Our tables will complement the aura of your kitchen and dining room, where comfort must rule because it’s where you will create the best memories.

Italian dining tables designed with innovative materials

Dining tables are one of the most ancient forms of furniture that exists. Both Ancient Greeks and Romans used dining tables for everyday purposes and rituals. The necessity of gatherings is an intrinsic characteristic of humanity and it has a special place in Italian culture where eating together is a sacred moment in each family.

Casapitti offers a wide range of dining tables. The mixture of classic and contemporary Italian design will enhance the features of the room. We consider the dining table the King of the house, a piece of furniture that we use and see every day. For this reason, our made in Italy tables (round and rectangular), have a unique design and are made with quality materials.
Casapitti table-tops are innovative: they are long-lasting, they don’t get dirty and are very easy to clean. Our dining table-tops are heat, lemon juice and wine-proof. The original eco-friendly material porcelain we use for the tops is very similar to marble but without the fragility of marble. We replaced marble tops with porcelain as it is a much more durable and cost-effective material. It offers stability and solidity to a table that is meant to go along with your daily life.

Our artisans work with extreme attention to detail, taking inspiration from the beauty of the Italian landscape and rich art culture, and they create a unique piece of furniture that will bring an Italian touch to your house.

Casapitti combines technical knowledge and practical components of the finest quality. Our dining tables are the ideal place to bring together the family for lunch or friends for a lively dinner.  

All our artisanal furnishings are delivered to your door directly from our production in Tuscany; with fast couriers and safe shipping, Casapitti brings a piece of Italy to your home.

Design inspired by the colors of Tuscany

In Italy, traditions and professions have always been passed on from generation to generation. Craftsmanship has a long history; it is a symbol of the values and culture of the country.

Casapitti’s ambition is to not only export custom produced by Italian artisan families in Florence, but to export Italian culture,  the very cradle of the Italian Renaissance itself.

Our local artisans’ work is always inspired by the original palette of colours of Florence, and it’s achieved with a detailed approach to each piece of furniture, spreading several layers of handmade painted finishes to resemble the breathtaking allure of the Italian landscape, depicted by our coatings (Stucco, Nero, Grey Oak, Dove, Driftwood).

The Porcelain revolution, a revolutionary material

Porcelain is a revolutionary material, it replaces marble in most of our tables. Made in the North of Italy, by the largest industry Laminam, it comes in different colours and versions. Porcelain has recently earned a certification that it is a food-safe non-chemical material, ideal for the kitchen and dining room as it is also heat-proof. 

Stain-proof, easy to clean (with soap and water only!), this non-marble material is also hygienic because its coat finish is impervious to germs and bacteria. It’s a long-lasting solution for your table, akin to natural stone but requires simpler care. An eco-friendly material and cost-effective, it is produced on large slabs of 2 meters that we cut in-house and apply to wood, due to their minimum thickness.

Simple care for italian tables meant to last forever

Casapitti dining tables are made to last for years and generations thanks to the high quality of the raw materials. Our goal is to offer a piece of furniture that stands out in your dining room but that is also easy to take care of because design and practicality can coexist. 

The wooden components of the tables can be handily and quickly dusted with a soft cloth or with wax for a vibrant sparkling. Porcelain is a revolutionary material that looks like marble but requires simpler care, its tops are stain-proof and washable with soap and water only.