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The need for gatherings is a primordial necessity of humans. That is why tables are one of the most ancient forms of furniture that exist. First documented in Ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman Empire, they were mainly used for dining and playing games. They usually had four legs, sometimes three, made of wood or metal or stone. Very simple at the beginning, by the 16th century, in Tudor times, they became more complex with carved legs.

In Italy the table is considered the King of the house; it’s the piece of furniture around which the life of the house happens.

Tables need to be functional but also offer a unique dining experience. A table should complement the vibe of your kitchen and dining room because this is the place where you will create the best memories of your life and around which you will spend a lot of quality time. Besides dining tables Casapitti also produces cocktail tables, possibly the latecomers to the furniture party. A very versatile piece of furniture, cocktail tables are perfect for placing next to guests when you are entertaining: to hold a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or simply display a book or picture. They can be a stand-alone piece or they can be placed together creating a unique corner in your house.

The essential characteristic of Casapitti tables is the table-top: made using the eco-friendly material porcelain, which is very similar to calacatta marble, our tables are long-lasting, they don’t get dirty, and they are very easy to clean. Our dining table tops are heat-proof, lemon juice and wine-proof. Porcelain has recently earned a certification that it is a food-safe non-chemical material, making it ideal for the kitchen and dining room. Casapitti tables are made to last for years and generations thanks to the high quality of the raw materials.

Our collection includes classic wooden round tables and also some contemporary design that will perfectly match your dining area.

The revolutionary finishes, handcrafted by artisans, are a distinct signature and they fully represent the beauty and heritage of Italian culture and the color palette of the Tuscan landscape.

Casapitti dining tables and cocktail tables are the ideal place to bring together family or friends; everyone around this unifying piece of furniture, eating nourishing food, drinking fine wine, laughing and chatting, enjoying life – the inner soul of Italian culture.