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Feng Shui and Its Benefits

Your home should be a place in which you can find balance and relax from a stressful day. It should be your refuge from the outside world. Even though it seems like a simple thing to have, it’s not always easy to achieve. There are many factors, ideas, and philosophies that can influence the result. These days many people tend to mention Fen Shui, but it can be easily misinterpreted. Let’s explore together what Feng Shui is. 

Feng Shui is actually a philosophy, in which the practice of arranging the pieces of your living space is one of the basic rules. Some people consider Feng Shui a practise or even a form of Art. This is done in order to create balance and stability with the natural world. The purpose of this is to channel and harness energy forces, to ultimately establish harmony between individuals and their own environment. 

Feng Shui is in Chinese, and it translates literally to “wind” and “water” respectively. This is an ancient Chinese tradition that explores the connection between human life flowing with the environment they live in and that surrounds them. It takes nature as a base and uses it for most of its basic principles. Some of them go back 3,500 years ago. 

Feng Shui divides everything into nature’s elements, which attract different vibrations and energies. As we previously referred to harmony, these elements must be balanced in order to achieve such a thing. Some objects in our everyday life represent these elements and can actually bring their energy into a space. 

These elements are earth, fire, water, metal, and wood. 

Earth represents stability and strength. To represent this element in a room you can use objects such as rocks, carpets, vintage books, or even using brown or tan colours. Fire is the most powerful element. It channels passion, energy, expansion, and transformation. To bring this element into your space you can use candles or use the colour red in decorations or as a wall colour. Water is an element that flows and adapts to whatever contains it, this is why it is related to emotion and inspiration. By using elements that contain water such as an aquarium or a home pond you can bring this element into your space. Also by using the colour blue or anything similar in the blue palette. Metal is an element that gathers and unites the other elements, it brings focus and order. By using light metal objects, or things in white, silver, or grey colour you can channel these vibes. Last but not least, wood. This element channels the power of creativity, thought, and growth. Objects such as plants, terrariums or green objects can bring into your space this element’s characteristics. 

It doesn’t end here, this is actually the beginning. There are different rules and advice based on each specific area of your home. Some apply to your dining area, others to the sleeping area, working space, and so on. Some general Feng Shui that can be applied to any area of your living space is: 

Pay special attention to your doors

According to Feng Shui, doors represent the way you communicate with your space. Doors can be seen as portals in which opportunities can come into your life. Feng Shui considers doors a special item of your living space. Making sure your door opens fully is important. It is necessary to de-clutter space behind a door, so this will open at a full 90 degrees. This way you will receive fully any opportunity that comes to you, and not only halfway. If it’s not cluttering and blocking your door, then you must check that it works properly. Hardware and hinges should not squeak. 

These might seem like superficial details, but they represent the way good energy will find you and meet you. Energy should flow in effortlessly. 

Keep your windows clean

Windows are the eyes of a room. They should allow light to enter your space and fill you with energy. Sunlight naturally energises and wakes us up. Sunlight also vibrantly renders all of the colours and objects that we see. Therefore, our homes become more expansive, vibrant, and energetic when we let in more light. Clean windows metaphorically wake us up to see the world around us with the most colour, clarity, and precision.

Declutter your space and your mind

Usually, our environment influences our mood, and sometimes, even our behaviour. This is why it is important to keep your space clean, and free of obstacles and clutter. Let go of the things that you don’t need nor use anymore, and are unnecessarily occupying space. This is also a metaphor for your thoughts and own energy. Allowing yourself the release space for good energy and things that are useful in your life. 

Casapitti understands that your home is not only your living space but can also be your sanctuary from the outside world. Our mission is to bring into your home our Italian artistic heritage and expert craftsmanship, but also our intention is that you will be able to enjoy your space in the best way possible. 


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