c/o dOT Chiostro S.Marco • Via e Piazza San Marco 2

Tamara Valkama. Painter

We recently visited Tamara’s great workshop in Florence, to shoot some of our made in Italy chairs and ottomans. We were very curious not only to see how she works but to learn her personal story. Tamara is a painter and a restorer of arts and al fresco’s. She is from northern Europe, but she fell in love with Florence. Her work is incredibly unique and we felt honored to discuss with her about the love for Italian art and design that we have in common.

What are your main inspirations?

The greatest source of inspiration for me is life itself and the emotions it provokes, I often also take inspiration from music videos of singers I love.

You came to Italy to study Fine Arts in Florence.Why did you decide to stay when you finished?

I decided to stay for the beauty of the city, because while walking the streets I can always see a new and fascinating detail, but above all because I find it a very human-sized town that gives the chance to wander around without losing yourself.

What do you think is your strongest form of art: sculpture or painting? What are the main things you like from each of them?

Both are powerful, the sculpture with a very strong and impressive impact especially in outdoor environments and is often very poetic, but for me, perhaps due to a coloristic factor I find that painting spiritually transmits more.

What are your favorite things about Italy and skills of the Italian people that you believe influenced your work?

About Italy I love culture, art, the beautiful landscapes of every region, its food and the creative and craft skills that make it famous all over the world.

What is your favorite Italian artist?

I really like Alberto Burri for the materiality, Osvaldo Licini for poetry, and as a woman Carol Rama for authenticity.


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